And according to a recent analysis from the Alliance for a Just Society, ZIP codes with majority people of color populations saw 60 percent more foreclosures than white neighborhoods and these.

If the second mortgage is hard money and the lender has lost security for that loan through a foreclosure or short sale — making the security for the promissory note worth nothing — the beneficiary of that second mortgage can pursue a deficiency judgment (Roseleaf Corp. v. Chierighino, 59 Cal. 2d 35 (1963).

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Some properties are being refinanced multiple times a year, thanks to "poaching" by lenders who aggressively. of his escrow money. Up to two months with zero mortgage payments. "Call now and lock.

loans between 2004 and 2008, 2.7 million households, or 6.4 percent, had already lost their homes to foreclosure as of February 2011.3 Strikingly, an additional 8.3 percent-3.6 million households-were still at immediate, serious risk of losing their homes.

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Two years later, the bad loans and foreclosed real estate continue to mount – accounting for nearly 25 percent of assets as of March 31 – and after losing more money. bank experts say. It has lost.

But others drained their equity, lost their homes or went bankrupt. The foreclosure industry is messy. Customers are often broke, desperate and unsophisticated about money. The Oregonian’s analysis.

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 · House Is Gone but Debt Lives On. Posted on October 3, 2011 by BrianCoester. Mr. Hannah expects the market to expand as banks “aggressively unload” their distressed mortgages in the next year, driving up the number of deficiency judgments being sought.. and that means trying to recoup losses by going after loan deficiencies. He calls.

The lender would much rather see you sell the property than be forced to take the property through foreclosure, as foreclosure is a costly and time-consuming process. Contact your mortgage lender to discuss what it can do to assist you in selling through a short sale, and what are its procedures and requirements.

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Foreclosure is a legal process in which a lender attempts to recover the balance of a loan from.. Upon final judgment (usually summary judgment) in the lender's favor, the property. Historically, the vast majority of judicial foreclosures have been unopposed, since most defaulting borrowers have no money to hire counsel.