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This year, the surrealist artist may have gotten his wish 30 years after his death as the Dal Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida will bring Dal back from the dead to guide you through his namesake museum. An AI version of the artist will be unveiled at the museum in April as part of an interactive experience called ‘Dal Lives.’ ‘In a sense,’ says Dal museum executive director Dr. Hank Hine, ‘we have made his words prophetic. We’ve brought him back to life!’

The Dal Museum in Florida will launch an AI version of the Surrealist artist this spring.. the charismatic and eccentric master of Surrealism will be brought back to life – on screen at least.. While most of the words and phrases used by the AI are lifted from actual quotes the artist.

(Dali’s surrealism plays well to this trend: A year later, the Dali Museum in St. What online art databases do is bring a new audience to culture. Those who wouldn’t dream of sitting down in front.

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First look: Salvador Dal comes back to life in artificial intelligence with ‘Dal Lives’ A new permanent installation at the Dal Museum uses technology to resurrect the likeness of the famous artist. The resemblance is uncanny.

Museum Brings Artist Salvador Dal Back to Life in Jaw-Dropping Detail at New AI-Enhanced Exhibit At the dal lives exhibit at The Dal Museum visitors can take selfies with a reimagined Dal.

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This is flat-out astonishing – a museum that used AI deep fake technology to bring a dead artist back to virtual life at the museum built in his honor. The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida partnered with Goodby Silverstein & Partners to create an Artificial Intelligence experience that lets visitors interact with Salvador Dali, who’s been gone for more than three decades.

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Florida Museum Brings Salvador Dali Back to Life With AI. ST. PETERSBURG, Florida / January 27, 2019

With a Little Help From A.I., the Dali Museum Brings the Famed Surrealist to Life Visitors to the museum in St. Petersburg, Florida can meet Salvador Dal "in person"

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