Freshly charged-off credit card debts (typically a. or that are a couple years old, are the types of debt you generally hear about going for pennies on the dollar (sometimes even less than a penny).

Paying off your credit card balance is a huge accomplishment, especially if you started out with a four- or even five-digit balance. It can take months, sometimes even years of sacrifice to finally pay off your credit card balance. Once your balance is paid off, you’ll have to decide what to do with the money and the credit you’ve just freed up.

We have roughly $4K in savings (much lower than it ever used to be, but.. I have about $22K is student loan (curse you SallieMae!) and $800 on 2. we are not really able to save during these 3 years, but are avoiding more.. I also have a couple of credit cards, but I pay those bad boys off every month.

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Being honest about what you owe and cutting expenses can help you escape from crippling debt.

A little more than two years after they began their plan, Joyce and her husband had paid off five of their 15 credit cards and expected five more to be paid off within five months. Their total debt had fallen from $90,000 to $50,000.

How These Tennessee Teachers Paid Off $92,000 Of Debt In Less Than 3 Years.. and credit card debt.. The extra money he earned went to the debt. Two and a half years after beginning, the.

We had a car loan, three credit card balances, and two student loans.. How much debt have we paid off over the last year? car loan: Initial.

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The potential risk of carrying a balance at your card’s go-to rate makes this a very hazardous decision, unless you are very sure that you can pay it off. Benefits of paying student debt with a.

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Laura and Dontae paid off $22,000 in debt in less than two years, all while living on a $48,000 a year income, and you can too! For the first time in almost two years, we were able to hold onto all our money.