Radon Mitigation Systems Explained Do not rely on radon test results taken in other homes in the neighborhood to estimate the radon level in your home. Homes which are next to each other can have different indoor radon levels. Testing is the only way to find out what your home’s radon level is. The house we’re looking to purchase already has a radon system installed.

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"We just make sure everything they have (in the house) is working properly. so put this task on your pre-inspection checklist. Look for mold. Mold is another thing that can scare away a potential.

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Not only will the inspector provide a list of items that need attention, but. This ensures that the system is working properly to vent the radon.

“It is poor economy to skimp footings. Substantial walls are of great structural importance in every dwelling. They must not only render satisfactory service as regards carrying capacity and.

Condensation within your wall is moisture, and moisture leads to building failure. 5. Install carbon monoxide detectors on every floor and within 15 feet from all bedrooms. 6. Install a radon vent.

Hi Ola – No. Radon seeps up from the ground, no amount of finishing will prevent that. However, if your remediation fan is working properly you should be set to go. I would recommend re-running the test to see that the levels are back to a safe level.

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The system should be installed in accordance with the U.S. EPA's Radon Mitigation. place that will easily let the occupant know if the system is functioning properly.. of the soil beneath the slab and the number of footings within the building.. special check valves are used to seal the daylight end of the foundation drain.

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