The mortgage is the document that pledges the property as security for the debt and permits a lender to foreclosure if you fail to make the monthly payments. The promissory note is the IOU that contains the promise to repay the loan. The purpose of the mortgage is to provide security for the loan that is evidenced by a promissory note.

Anyone who has purchased a home knows full well all of the myriad mortgage documents that must be signed and notarized before getting your loan documents approved, enabling you to get the keys to the.

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Home Loan Foreclosure: Know the procedure of foreclosing home loan early and why getting your original documents from. that you have pre-closed your home loan,

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Foreclosure Foul-up: Tracking Down Those ‘Lost’ Mortgages. Douglas’ mortgage broker got him a loan from subprime lender Fremont General, which before it went bankrupt in 2008, was based in Brea, California.. which runs the mortgage trust douglas‘ loan is in, but is not the document.

Boomers Charles and Jill Segal stopped paying their loan nearly four years ago, cases, and many are winning reprieves or causing the process to stall even further.. cut corners and falsified documents to rush homeowners to foreclosure.. who lost his job six years ago and fell behind on his mortgage.

Two documents are critical to a residential lending relationship, and therefore to foreclosure on a defaulting borrower’s loan: the note and the mortgage (or deed of trust). The note identifies the amount of the loan, and the repayment terms. The mortgage provides security for the loan.

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A settlement proposal by state attorneys general with the five biggest U.S. mortgage servicers. foreclose when they are missing crucial, authentic documents proving ownership.

Diane Thompson,a mortgage lawyer with the National consumer law center who has written extensively on foreclosure. thomas’ missing check, citing his pending lawsuit. Thomas kept meticulous records.