Closing the Gaps in Our National Scenic Trails: An Interview with Jim Kern – The Trek First it was there, then it wasn’t, and now it just may be back again: the first exoplanet directly observed orbiting a normal star, Fomalhaut b, has had quite a ride. [This post has a bit of detail.

WPA Art Inventory. She observed that the Connecticut State Library “has probably the most complete listings of artists” in Record Group 033, Records of the Works Projects Administration (WPA) in Connecticut. [2] The bill was not passed but the general assembly appropriated $150,000 for the State Library to compile an art inventory.

Be sure to also visit . . . the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project. is an extensive collection of Gravestone Photos from Iowa Cemeteries. Researchers can submit photos and transcriptions of their ancestor’s gravestones and connect with yet.

Bitstamp granted virtual currency license by New York financial regulator – Bitstamp, one of Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has been granted a virtual currency license from New York state’s financial regulator. Bitstamp USA is the nineteenth company to receive a BitLicense from the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS), which authorizes the company to conduct digital currency operations.

Or was it, as historian Catherine Stewart argues in her new book Long Past Slavery: Representing Race in the federal writers’ project, a way for Anderson. the federal government as part of the.

Collection of WPA era art (Works Progress Administration):. Commissioned for. N67 2001); The WPA historical records survey: a Guide to.

Historical Information The Work Projects Administration (known as the Works Progress Administration until 1 july 1939) was established by an executive order of 6 May 1935, as the agency responsible for the execution of the United States government’s work-relief program as a whole.

Marc Moscato, with the group Know Your City, leads cyclists across six locations to see murals, carvings, a fountain, and more works commissioned by the federal government through the Works Progress.

The Trump administration on Friday released draft studies required before a 200-mile industrial road can be carved through.

Slow But Steady Grows The Florida Economy Fishy economic statistics and wild exaggerations. In fact, the manufacturing sector began a slow but steady recovery in April 2010, during Obama’s second year in office. That steady rate of growth.

The Library of Virginia WPA Life Histories collection consists of. Projects Administration (WPA), known as the Works Progress Administration until 1 July, 1939. and its records transferred to the Emergency Work Relief Program of FERA.

The board has also paid $6 million for failed projects. Have we excelled in over charging. Fact 5: As a result of the.

Work Projects Administration, WPA Office, 1275 Ontario Street.. The Annals of Cleveland was a joint project of the Historical Records Survey, Cleveland Public .

A BETTER MICHIGAN Chooljian’s record over the years borders on the unbelievable. “I’m excited about the future of the program and I wanted.

One result was the Work’s Progress Administration (WPA), which ended up employing over 8.5 million people from 1935 to 1943; 700,000 in New York City alone. The WPA did not just improve parks and build roadways-a portion of the money was set aside for unemployed professionals in the “arts.”