Selling and refinancing are two of the most popular options for dealing with your house during a divorce. But they aren't the only ones.

Here is Starks’ best advice for those selling a house during a divorce to give people an idea of how to come out of it financially OK and ready for their new life: Take care of yourself Through all the court dates, the doubts and the anger, self-care will become very important. You need your strength and best wits about you.

Questions of home ownership can become complicated to deal with. Knowing how divorce affects the sale of a home, including reasons to.

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Selling because of a divorce is the same as any other sale. But, it is often more emotional. To help you during this difficult time, here are 8 tips for selling your home after a divorce: 1. Create an Agreement With Your Spouse. You never know what can happen during a divorce.

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The first step in deciding how to handle the mortgage in a divorce is getting. The cleanest way to divide the home's equity is to sell the house.

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Share.. They are owners of a "divorce" home.. Sometimes you can get a better deal if the couple needs the money and wants to sell, and sometimes "a. Selling a home during a divorce is twice as difficult. All of the anger, bitterness, and resentment in a broken marriage can result in one or both spouses derailing the home sale. But with these tips you can send those emotions packing into the past and treat the process like a cold hard business transaction.