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Utah school installs showers and washing machines for homeless students to use. Homeless services aren’t strictly liberal or conservative.. Almost independent, but not quite enough. A elementary school student who is homeless is probably going to get a lot more help than the junior or.

Utah school installs showers, laundry facilities for homeless students SALT LAKE CITY – A Utah school is trying to give homeless students something to ease the obstacles of daily life – a peaceful place to shower and clean their clothes.East High school officials estimate they have between 50 and 100 students who don’t have access to a.

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This school in Utah installed showers and washing machines for homeless students by Munmi Bora March 18, 2017 When East high school in Salt Lake City got to know that there are nearly 100 homeless students who don’t have access to a shower or a washing machine on a daily basis, the school officials decided to install showers and laundry.

Utah high school installs showers, laundry facilities to help students who are homeless. Posted 9:54 pm, March 8, a local non-profit group that provided the washing machine.